BLOCK Classic

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BLOCK Classic

BLOCK CLASSIC ARCHERY TARGET - It is based on the original, legendary BLOCK target and is simply the best 2-sided archery target on the market.  BLOCK CLASSIC Archery Targets come in 3 different sizes:

BLOCK CLASSIC 18 - $69.99    Size: 18”x18”x14”
The BLOCK Classic-18 is the BLOCK that's made to take with you on a hunting trip. Keep it the back of your truck and take a few shots prior to heading out to your stand!

BLOCK CLASSIC 20 - $89.99    Size: 20”x20”x14”
The BLOCK Classic-20 is the all-around target that's great in the backyard as well as the hunting camp. With a 20" x 20" face, you'll have plenty of target for long range shooting.

BLOCK CLASSIC 22 - $109.99    Size: 22”x22”x14”
The ideal BLOCK Classic for outfitters, hunting camps and small backyard ranges. Its 22” X 22” face gives you plenty of target to shoot at.